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Enquire   Headscarves and Scandinavia. Hip hop and cheese.

The new Keri Smith book is out today! #wreckeverywhere

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Happy National Hug Day!

Featured films (from top to bottom):

Buffalo ‘66




Hiroshima Mon Amour

Before Sunset

Black Orpheus

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

In the Mood for Love

It’s a Wonderful Life

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November 7th 2013 is the one hundredth anniversary of Albert Camus’ birth.

If you’re based outside the USA, reblog for a chance to win original signed artwork by Alice Charbin and a set of all our new Albert Camus editions. A winner will be picked on Thursday 14th November. We’ll also be giving away 10 copies of the Camus essay, The Sea Close By.

'Poverty kept me from thinking all was well under the sun and in history; the sun taught me history wasn't everything…' —Albert Camus

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"My alone feels so good, I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude."
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The Disinherited Mind



Pelican A527, published in 1961. Hmmmm.

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Little Traveler Mouse on Etsy. x


Little Traveler Mouse on Etsy. x

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The Penguin Press: Michael Pollan on Restaurant Culture →


From his in-depth Q&A in New York

Adam Platt: What’s your view on restaurant culture these days? Do you eat out a lot?
Michael Pollan: Probably once or twice a week. I think restaurant culture has gotten really decadent and way too precious. If I have to have another fourteen-course meal…

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